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I won't keep you in suspense... I'm releasing a new writing prompt book in about one month. *fist pumps* Read on to get all the juicy details, but first, let's chat about life and stuff.

Goodness, time has gotten away from me. Has it really been four months since I last wrote a blog post? Life's been so busy, folks. No lie, between having a child in school, appointments, family drama, health issues, novel writing, vehicles breaking down, upcoming surgeries, potty training, and everything else in between... I'm just lucky I remember my own name. Haha.

But seriously, I'm sorry I've been lax in my blog writing duties. I must try to do better!

What I need is a sanity break. Who doesn't right? My oldest son finishes his very last day of kindergarten tomorrow (wha?? Again, where has time gone?), so we might take off to the lake for Canada Day. I can't wait to just relax on the deck or beach, watching the kids play. Although, I'll admit I won't be 100% relaxed, because I'm still a writer who seems incapable of truly doing nothing (much to my chagrin. My plate is always overfilled). I'm taking part in the Writer's Games held by The Writer's Workout. It's a wonderful contest that spans six weeks and offers inspiring prompts with lengthy word count limits, that push me to create stories I love. I've competed several times now, winning the whole thing once (a pleasant surprise), so that will be my side task while relaxing this weekend.

What are you up to? How are you ringing in Canada Day or July 4th (for my American friends)?

So, aside from my the aforementioned book release announcement, what noteworthy writing things have happened over the last few months? Hmm... Oh! I recently won a humour contest held by Red Penguin Books. You can check out and/or purchase the published book here! They named the anthology after my 1st place story and everything, which was super fun.

I also had the pleasure of participating in an author interview held by the wonderful and talented S.E. Reed. It was a great experience that made me think a lot about what inspires me to write as I answered the questions she tossed my way. I feel very honoured she invited me. You can read the interview on her blog by clicking below.

Make sure to show her some love and peruse more posts while you're there, too. She puts out some great stuff and is a skilled writer. You can also find her on Twitter @writingwithreed.


I've been furiously working away on getting a few more writing prompt books ready for publication. Yes, you read that right. A few. I have plans for a series of up to five different prompt books, but I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Haha. Baby steps, right? One book at a time.

Today's exciting announcement revolves around book #2 in my writing prompt series, Oh, That's Good, Too! I just revealed the final book cover to the public today (see below), and the ebook pre-order is officially live on Amazon. I'm pretty pumped about it. The ebook is being formatted as we speak, and now, the only thing I'm waiting on is the author proof. Once I get my eager hands on that and everything looks good, then everything will be gravy. :)

The book (paperback and ebook) will release on August 10th, 2022.

You can also find it on Goodreads here. I invite anyone who picks up an ebook or paperback copy, whether it's because you love writing or just wish to show support (thank you on both counts), to please leave a review on Amazon or on Goodreads, or on both. Many folks don't realize this, but reviews are integral for an author's work to gain visibility in a vast and saturated sea of books. So, if you can spare a moment of your time, I'd be forever thankful.

That's about it for me this time around. I'm sure there are plenty of other things I could blab on about, but I'll let you get back to the important things you were up to before this post caught your eye. The fact you took the time to stop by and follow along with my writing adventures makes me smile. I hope you will all have a wonderful and relaxing summer. Soak in the sun!

I'll try to send out my next blog post at the end of summer-ish. I have a surgery in July, so that not only has me in slow-moving, healing mode for a little while, but might be a bit of a distraction. But as soon as I'm back at it, I'll jump back on and natter at you again. ;)

Take care for now!

Rachael Clarke

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