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Gulp! As of April 6, 2020, I took a HUGE step toward exploring my publication options. I sent out my first QUERY letters (with a dummy book) for Keep Mommy Safe to a handful of prospective publishers. I researched for a VERY long time and these publishers all looked amazing, looked like great publishing partners, and I felt my book would fit well into their catalogue. I am keeping my expectations realistic, as rejection is quite normal and expected within the writing industry. But, I am still very excited for the learning experience that I am going through, regardless of the outcome. If a publisher doesn't want to hitch their wagon to mine just yet, I still plan on self-publishing my picture book. :)


I will keep my website updated if there is any exciting news that comes down the pipe from this venture. So cross your fingers, your toes, and your eyes for me! Thank you!




I very much enjoy entering contests, and do so often. If any positive results fom my contest adventures roll in, I will be sure to post them here with a huge "woot woot!" Virtual cake will be passed around, celebrations will be shared, and all will be right with the world... well, okay maybe not that last one. But you get the idea. ;)




I write a lot of short stories, in all genres. I love to dabble. And when they're done, they can't just sit in my saved folder. No! I like to toss my little word babies out into the world, giving them a nudge off the branch to see if they can fly. Some do, some don't. More little birdies fly than my word babies do actually... so maybe that wasn't the best analogy. Hmm... well anyway, when they fly the most amazing feeling of pride washes over me and the perma-smile lasts for days. If you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you get on that! It's worth it.

That being said, any successes - acceptances - that roll in will mostly be posted on my alternate website/blog: That website in the future will be designated exclusively for my short fiction and any other adult writings (novel/novella) that I may publish. I found it just made more sense to keep this website dedicated only to the childrens literature I publish, so my readership isn't thrown off guard. I will however, post the more family friendly short stories that get published.


Why? Because it's just plain old fun, that's why! I hope you will enjoy!






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