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Upcoming Publication - The Big Ol' Bike!

Big news, folks! My very first book will be published in a matter of months!

This story was one of the first things I wrote when I decided to delve more seriously into the world of writing, back in early spring of 2019. It started as a short draft, barely more than an idea. The inspiration had come to me while driving home one day. Two boys were racing their bikes along a path, having a blast, and I noticed how small one of the boys looked on his rather oversized bike. I remembered the simple joy that riding a bike can give.

The rest of the drive home I pondered what I'd seen, ruminating on that tiny spark of an idea. Slowly the thoughts percolated into a fun little concept, and by the time I walked through my front door, I knew I had a story. It was on that day, my main character was born. Oliver, a smaller than average boy, with a bigger than average heart... and a really big ol' bike. ;)

Meet Oliver:

Over a year has passed, and several drafts, but I am finally nearing the end of this writing journey. The Big Ol' Bike - Book 1 of Oliver's Adventures is officially in the final stages of preparation for publication. A few more hurdles to jump, but I'm getting close.

Back in May (2020), my story A Giant Tale was lucky enough to win 1st place in the Writer's Weekly 24-hour Short Story Contest. As a prize, I won a publication package. I had thought of self-publishing before, but wasn't sure whether to do that or go the traditional publishing route. Well, winning that prize helped me decide! An easy choice. Haha.

This chapter book, geared for kids ages 7-10, will be published/distributed through the (affiliated with Writer's Weekly). It will be available for purchase in ebook and paperback. As part of the package prize, BookLocker will assist with certain aspects of the publication process, but my book will still be considered 'Self-published'.

To top it all off... I will be illustrating the image on the cover AND the interior images spread throughout the chapters. I'm incredibly excited for this experience. I'm learning so much! The whole process is moving very quickly now as I push to complete all the necessary steps. It's a bit of a whirlwind, but I'm fine with that. Nothing like a looming deadline to light a fire, right?

In a matter of a few short months, The Big Ol' Bike will be out in the world, and I couldn't be happier. I plan to have a book launch (likely online, given recent circumstances in the world), hope to do some book signing events, and perhaps even school visits! I'm also hoping to get lots of reviews and feedback, especially from my young readership. All I want is for as many kids as possible, wherever they may be, to enjoy reading my book. Bucket list item - check!

Having two young boys of my own, I look forward to reading this story with them, and also to ride our own big bikes together! Gosh, I'm sure that time will arrive sooner than I imagine. :)

This is only the beginning, and hopefully book 1 will lead to book 2. More updates and information is yet to come. I hope you will follow along this crazy journey with me.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned.

Written by Rachael Clarke

June, 2020

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