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I entered the Writers Weekly 24-hour Spring writing contest a little while back, managing to pound out a fantastic tale from the very unique prompt that was provided to all contestants.

I really enjoyed writing my story, and sent it off into the big wide world of contest entry with only hopes and a nervous stomach to keep me company.

Well, today... The results are in! The fruits of my labour and literary toil have been realized. 😃 I WON!

1st place... That's right... My story 'A Giant Tale' won the whole darn thing.

How amazingly crazy is that? I am very honored and excited, thus my enthusiastic shouting from the rooftops. Haha.

I would love to share it with you, and look forward to hearing what you think of it. The extra perk of winning is that I also get a publication package that will help me get my children's chapter book or picture book published. And soon - only a few months from now. Even more things to be excited about.

What a great day! Thank you all for sharing it with me. Now stop blabbing Rachael and share your story already! Right? 😆 Okay, okay, here it is. Enjoy!

Written by Rachael Clarke


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