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The contest is in full swing! Colouring pages are starting to roll in. It's so exciting!

You can download the colouring page and view the full details about how to enter on my website homepage: Three winners will be selected randomly at the end of November. So don't delay. Get those masterpieces back to me! :)

This week I've started posting entries on my website to showcase the amazingly talented kids who've entered the contest. Here's the very first entry I posted. I just love seeing the creativity and uniqueness of every picture.

And lastly, make sure you stay tuned for something exciting coming up on November 8th, 2020. I am officially unveiling the cover of The Big Ol' Bike!!! Here's the teaser I'll be sharing on my social media soon. I'm giving you guys the sneak peak, because you're all amazing.

Thanks for reading, everyone. The next post you'll see will be the big COVER REVEAL!

Take care for now.

Rachael Clarke


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