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Let Your Lips Twitch Comedy Collection

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

It's been quite a while since I wrote a post. Life has been incredibly busy with our kids being in skating lessons and school/pre-school, other extra-curricular activities, work and appointments, and me juggling my writing time in there somewhere. Not to mention all the surprise stuff that pops up, whether it's good, bad, or somewhere in between. But I'm here now! And I wanted to give you an update about the exciting development! I have a new book coming out in February, and it is officially available for pre-order now! Today! *Happy dances*

Let me tell you a little about it and show you the awesome cover I designed for this book, too.

The book is called Let Your Lips Twitch: A Humorous Collection of Short Stories. Details below.

Comedy is everywhere if you allow yourself to see it—to feel it. It can be subtle or overt, dark or joyous, adorable or cheeky. Such ageless versatility is beyond compare. Curated with that in mind, author R.A. Clarke proudly presents sixteen humorous stories to the world.

Between these covers, you'll find short fiction in several genres. Each tale is infused with unique characters and comical situations, some rooted in reality, others certainly not. Flip the page and join a jewel heist executed by bumbling thieves at a gastronomy party, meet a lowly soul gifted the fantastical chance to redo an all-consuming moment of regret, or sweat alongside a father as he realizes his daughter is growing up too fast. Turn another page and you’ll enjoy clowning around while meeting Mr. Right, then zoom in on a perfectly focused meet cute, or feel Mother Nature’s wrath as a rebellious fishing excursion goes all kinds of wrong. There is something in this collection for everyone to enjoy, including eight never-before-seen stories. Allow yourself to be entertained and whisked away. Let humour in all its glorious forms tempt your lips to move. Don’t fight the urge. Embrace it. Go ahead and let your lips twitch.

That's my new book everyone! I'm over the moon excited to share this project with the world. I hope you'll consider picking up a copy for yourself or for someone else you think might enjoy it. The ebook is available for pre-order now. The official release date is February 4th, 2023.

That will be for both the ebook and paperback versions.

To reserve your copy just click HERE or on the cover image above. I hope you'll check it out!

Let Your Lips Twitch is also on Goodreads, so I'd love it if you could add my book to your "want to read" list. I also welcome any help you can give to spread the word and help this book be seen by the world. I'd be so appreciative; you have no idea! If you pop onto my social media, you'll see posts you can share from there...I'm always sharing stuff. Haha.

Oh! And if anybody is interested in receiving an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) in exchange for an honest review online (Amazon/Goodreads, etc.), I'd be happy to send you one. Just shoot me a message via any of my social media, or through the contact form on my website. Thanks!

Well, that's about it for my big news. Other than that, I'm madly editing my first novel, a science fiction western called Race to Novus. I hope to get it ready to go by April, and then I will begin querying literary agents. I plan to share a few excerpts from the book here with you guys, and also share updates on my querying progress as I go along. Should be a fun adventure.

Lastly, Christmas is coming up, and the holidays are nearly upon us! I hope the very best for you and yours as you celebrate (or not celebrate - either is totally okay) this festive season. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones and I'll also shout out an early "Happy New Year!" :)

Thanks for reading, and happy writing!

Rachael Clarke


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