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Book Release - Oh, That's Good...

It's official! It's October 30th, 2021... and that means it is the release day for my newest book: Oh, That's Good... 52 Writing prompts you never knew you needed. But seriously... you do.

*happy dances*

I'm so excited to release this book into the world. So, to celebrate, I made a video to commemorate the big day. Don't mind me flashing my proof copy around. Haha. I haven't received my author copies yet. Check out the video on my YouTube channel by clicking the link below:

Now, as you probably heard in the video, I'll also be doing a book GIVEAWAY. I will be doing a random draw on November 1st, 2021, and will give away 2 ebooks and 2 signed paperback copies. So, make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter (you can simply click the social links on my website's homepage) so you can join in on the giveaway fun!

Oh, That's Good... is full of original prompts and motivational quotes for writers who enjoy speculative fiction. You can pick and choose your favourites, or dare to take my 52-Week Challenge. The choice is yours. All I ask is that you have fun with it. ;)

Not only is this book a great gift idea for writers (psst... Christmas is coming up!), but it's also perfect to use in other settings, like in classrooms, during team building, or for workshops.

To purchase your own copy, click here:

And if you're interested in getting a signed copy of my book(s), either The Big Ol' Bike, or Oh, That's Good... then just send me a message using the contact form here on my website. I'm happy to get you a shipping quote and send one out to you. :)

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to swing over to my Facebook or Twitter pages to follow and enter into the giveaway draw for a free copy of Oh, That's Good... And if you don't see the post yet, don't worry. I'll be putting it up very soon!

In other writing news, I'll quickly mention that I'll be participating in NaNoWriMo again this November. So that means, in a couple days time, I'll be diving back into the world of my sci-fi western novel Race To Novus. I'm pretty excited, because I'll be finishing it this go around. See, last November, I finished roughly 60% percent of the novel. But, this time, it'll be complete. Wish me luck! :)

Lastly, since the spooky season is upon us... make sure to have a safe, and happy Halloween everyone! At my house, the pumpkins are carved and candy prepped. Yep, tomorrow I'll be binging on chocolate, watching Hocus Pocus, and taking my little Batman and Robin trick-or-treating. Take care and have fun!

Rachael Clarke


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